[AUDIO] Chevrolet Shares the Sound of the C8 Corvette’s Exhaust Note


[AUDIO] Chevrolet Shares the Sound of the C8 Corvette's Exhaust Note

In addition to the Corvette Steering Wheel photos that were shared by Chevrolet today, we also found out about a new sound file that resides on the Chevrolet.com’s Next-Generation Corvette page.

We did a quick screen record and uploaded the video to YouTube so that we could share it here and on the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com.

The new sound of an icon

Turn the volume all the way up and hear the engine of the Next Gen Corvette.

It’s believed that sound will be coming from the new LT2 V8 engine with somewhere between 480-530 hp depending on who you believe.

If you want to really take a listen to the C8 Corvette’s exhaust note, we suggest watching and listening to this compilation video of the C8’s exhaust sounds.


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  1. It’s poor planning that Chevrolet didn’t make this updated LT2 available for the last of the C7 Corvettes as it would have made the C7 Corvette even more of a collector’s item if they were available with a LT2 making between 480-530 hp.

  2. Not quite like our C5 Z06 running straight pipes off the Cats with a “cam” in it LOL

  3. Sounds like a horizontal window blind blowing in the wind, not impressed. I’ve been invited to see the East coast reveal on the 23rd in AC at Kerbeck’s my ’18 Z06 sounds a million times better, not real happy with what I’ve seen so far but spoke to my sales dude last night 07/11/19 and he said I’ll be wowed, we shall see…

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