Is this the New Rapid Blue Peeking Out From Under the C8 Corvette’s Camouflage?


Is this the New Rapid Blue Peeking Out From Under the C8 Corvette's Camouflage?

Here’s a cool find that you expect from an auto aficionado when your hometown is Bowling Green, Kentucky and the home of the Chevrolet Corvette.

The Auto Aficionado of Bowling Green posted this C8 Corvette prototype photo to their facebook page that shows a little bit of the camouflage separating from the paint.

And that paint underneath appears to reveal the new Rapid Blue!

It was only a week ago that the offical GM Paint Code for Rapid Blue was found, and from there we were able to see a small swatch of it presented as a digital paint chip. But seeing this sliver of the color on the car itself does provide more clarity on what that color will actually look like.

A couple month back we asked you in a poll what color the C8 Corvette reveal car would be. Torch Red was the clear winner but Rapid Blue was fourth on the list and it followed the two other new for 2020 colors, Zeus Bronze and Accelerate Yellow.

Auto Aficionado of Bowling Green

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