[VIDEO] You Can Finally Hear the Exhaust Note of the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] You Can Finally Hear the Exhaust Note of the Mid-Engine C8

It’s a short video from one of our Corvette brothers who came across a caravan of camouflaged Chevrolets that are testing in the wild, but you can briefly catch (1:10) the exhaust note from the mid-engine C8 Corvette as it takes off from a stop and quickly accelerates to put one of the trucks between them.

The video was uploaded by a user named Big Ersk whose Corvette also had a large sound. As he finally chases down the Corvette prototype, he says “New Corvette guys. Been chasing it for miles. Trying to dip on me!” He laughs as the prototype speeds off…

He recounts the sighting in the YouTube description:

Was just pulling into my neighborhood yesterday afternoon when I spotted a convoy of highly camouflaged vehicles. I immediately knew I was looking at the 2018 Mid Engine Corvette because it was flanked front and rear by 2 unmistakably Chevrolet Trucks, despite the camouflage.

These may have been the production versions on all 3 vehicles based on the amount of camouflage. I have never seen a truck as disguised as these two were. It looked like they may have even have wrapped the mudflaps in vinyl on these!

Once I finally catch the Corvette, after a 10 mile chase, it takes off! At this point I can’t take any more adrenaline, so I back off and head back home.

It’s unfortunate that the poster was talking as the prototype accelerated away, but you can hear the exhaust as well as the 1-2 shifting of the transmission which was very fast and crisp. As for the sound? To our ears, it sounds like a Corvette V8, and could be the base LT1 as has been speculated.

Would love your opinion on what you hear in the video. Please comment below!

Big Ersk / YouTube

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  1. I think this puts an end to the idea that us 86 drivers don’t have massive respect for Corvettes!

  2. I was C7 Corvette Grand Sport and since I can’t afford a ZO6 or is he our one or definitely the C8 please don’t screw up what I’ve got. If you’re still going to make a front engine Corvette good for you maybe the price will drop more but I’m very happy with what I have.

  3. There is no burble in the exhaust note on the video. Sounds like an alternating firing order and a long fart.

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