Growing Pains…


Growing Pains...

Normally I don’t really talk about the stuff happening behind the scenes here at CorvetteBlogger but people notice when your website is down.

CorvetteBlogger has been performing tremendously over the last few months and in fact we are shattering our traffic numbers with the coming of the 2020 Corvette. This morning after posting a new video of the C8 Corvette at the Nurburgring, our traffic spiked and our web server cried out without warning “No Mas” before taking a dive.

As I am talking with one of the tech support reps, he’s literally asking me questions about the C8. What’s the engine size? Will it have turbos? Meanwhile, I’m asking questions about upgrading plans and making sure I have enough storage for 500K image files (I’m looking at you Furman!).

CorvetteBlogger is currently back online although you may still be seeing the light blue screen (of death) which is a domain propogation issue that should be resolved sometime Monday. If so, try it using the incognito/private window in your browser. The site will be moved to another server sometime this week and hopefully it will be a fairly seemless transition.

Thanks again for your support!

Keith Cornett



  1. I enjoy reading Corvette Blogger every morning. (Finally some wheel covers on the 66! LOL)

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