[VIDEO] Experience the Excitement of Watching the Last C7 Corvette Sell for $2.7 Million


[VIDEO] Experience the Excitement of Watching the Last C7 Corvette Sell for $2.7 Million

On Friday afternoon, the final C7 Corvette Z06 was offered for sale at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast sale in Connecticut. Once the bidding started, it never stalled as it zoomed to a new record high of $2.7 million. The real winners are the disabled service members and first responders who will benefit from the charity auction through the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

So knowing that all that money was going to a great charity, you can imagine the thrill and excitement of being up on that stage as the final C7 Corvette surpassed $1 million and then $2 million in its run up to the hammer dropping at $2.7 million.

Our friends at Motor1.com are sharing just such a video from someone standing on the stage as all this unfolded:

The final seventh-generation Corvette ever produced went up for auction at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast event and sold for $2.7 million, making it the most expensive car ever sold by a manufacturer at auction for charity. This video puts you on the stage as the bidding went from $1 million to when the gavel fell at $2.7 million.

Motor1.com / YouTube

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