[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Jumps the Sidewalk and Crashes Through a Safety Barrier


[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Jumps the Sidewalk and Crashes Through a Safety Barrier

Photo Credit: Austin Fadear

It wasn’t a scene from an ‘80s TV action show, but it could have been when a red C4 Corvette crashed through a concrete block wall and landed in the yard of a home about 6 p.m. Tuesday in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Fortunately for the residents, their safety barrier wall slowed the Corvette down enough that it didn’t hit their home.

Still, the crash left them and at least one motorist shaken after the speeding Corvette passed her and her two young children in their Mazda SUV on the right in a bicycle lane and came close to hitting a utility pole before smashing through the safety barrier at the residence.

Motorist Sheena Reid told the Langley Advance Times she suffered a panic attack on the way home after the crash since she is already still recovering from injuries suffered in another serious car accident.

“She came out of nowhere,” Reid said of the Corvette driver. “It was like something out of the Dukes of Hazzard.”

Residents Austin Fadear and his dad, Blaine, were also left upset by the crash but noted that it could have been much worse. “If that wall hadn’t been there,” Austin said, “it would have been terrible.” They were watching a movie inside their home at the time of the crash and at firs blamed the commotion on the subwoofer on their surround sound system. Austin described the impact sound as “the loudest noise my dad and I ever heard.”

C4 enthusiasts will no doubt cringe at this video from the scene that shows a wrecker yanking the car up and over the block wall to remove it from the yard. Unfortunately for the driver, it will be 30 days before she can have her Corvette back as authorities impounded it. The 51-year-old woman also was hit with an immediate roadside prohibition for impaired driving but she can still count her blessings as she escaped without being hurt, or hurting anyone else.

Photo and video credits: Austin Fadear

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  1. Oh fuck her…. a panic attack, that’s just another way of saying she’s just a major league fucking asshole!. She was impaired and recently had another wreck, she’s the absolute definition of being better off dead!!!

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