[ACCIDENT] Watch as a Pickup Truck Hits and Runs Over a C5 Corvette on the Highway


[ACCIDENT] Watch as a Pickup Truck Hits and Runs Over a C5 Corvette on the Highway

It’s not often we see the video of Corvette accidents as they happen but the dash cam on this 18-wheeler captured the moment a pickup truck hits and actually runs over a white C5 Corvette coupe.

This video is a little over a month old and there is no recap on what exactly happened here or if everyone is okay. The description says the accident occurred on “I85 north bound. Just north of Atlanta”. The video reads 2019/03/13 with the timestamp showing a bit after 10pm.

The driver of the Corvette is in the left lane and it appears that he was attempting to move over to the right when the fast-moving pickup comes into view. The pickup came up fast in that same lane and swerves to the left to avoid the Corvette. The pickup truck’s driver loses control and ends up hitting and then going over the top of the white Corvette. The Corvette then spins around in traffic, with the 18-wheeler just missing the front of the car.

As the semi-truck is moving over to the emergency lane, his dash cam video shows the pickup truck continuing on down the road. The video ends there and so we do not know if he eventually pulled over just kept on going.

Damage to the Corvette is severe and again we hope the driver was okay. As for the pickup driver, I am sure our readers will have a few choice words so please keep it clean!

RKBAtruckingshow / YouTube

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  1. Looks like the pickup did a deliberate block on the Corvette then kept on going.
    Hope the Vette driver is ok. As for the driver of the pickup, well, can’t print what I’m thinking!

  2. I’m on my 5th Corvette, 2019 Grand Sport, I have witnessed the road rage on the highways getting worse every Day, especially from non Corvette drivers with low IQ’s and a vehicle that they wish was a Corvette, and they have to show you you what they have at any risk to others, you can not fix Stupid !

  3. Hope the driver on the left was able to get the plate number.

    I had the same thing happen in front of me once, lot’s of decades ago, but not as severe. Other drivers were slowing down so I knew they had help if needed (and they appeared OK). Followed the idiot to the next exit he took and then he was stuck in traffic directly in front me. Nailed! Easy to write down the number. Luckily, he didn’t speed up like the guy in the video. Returned to the scene and gave the number to an off duty plain policeman that had stopped. They asked if I would testify, of course said ‘yes’. Wasn’t needed tho.

    Really shook me up for the rest of the day. Hard to believe people could care less about the lives of others.

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