C7 Corvette Exiting the European Market Early Due to EU Emission Certifications


C7 Corvette Exiting the European Market Due to EU Emission Certifications

Emission certification rules in the EU will put a halt to Chevrolet selling the C7 Corvette and the sixth-gen Camaro in Europe come this August. So if you have your heart set on one of the 2019 “Final Edition” Corvette Grand Sport or Z06 special editions, you need to get moving!

New EU emissions regulations say that all existing vehicles after August 31, 2019, must be tested and certified before they can be sold the public. GM has apparently passed on certifying the C7 Corvette as it will soon end production within the next few months anyway before starting production on the C8 mid-engine Corvette.

As for the Camaro, it is quite telling that GM has also passed on certifying the muscle car with the reason given as being low sales and a lack of interest from European buyers. That’s despite the fact that the car has been updated for the 2020 model year.

Perhaps that brief absence from the market will make the C8 Corvette even a hotter commodity on the Continent! The C8 will be officially unveiled in California on 07.18.19 and we are expecting the car to be available for sale in the European market in early 2020.

GM introduced the 2019 “Final Edition” Grand Sports and Z06s at the end of January as an exclusive special edition for the European market. The special edition is available in Sebring Orange or Ceramic Matrix Gray and features a host of high-performance options including Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, competition sport seats, Performance Data Recorder, visible carbon fiber aerodynamics, and a chassis calibrated for the track.

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