[VIDEO] Husband Surprises Wife Who Volunteers at the NCM with a New Corvette Grand Sport


[VIDEO] Husband Surprises Wife Who Volunteers at the NCM with a New Corvette Grand Sport

Add yet another memory to 55 years’ worth already in the rearview mirror for this North Carolina couple.

John Fort and his wife, Carol, of Wilmington have been Lifetime Members of the National Corvette Museum since 1997, volunteering at the popular Bowling Green attraction for many years. This year, they were event volunteer coordinators once again for the Michelin NCM Bash.

But this turned out to be one very special Bash that proved to be the fruition of several months of clandestine planning by John and his daughter, Charlotte, and her husband, Scott, who are also Museum Lifetime Members and, of course, Corvette owners and Museum volunteers.

In January, John came up with the idea of surprising his bride of 55 years with a Museum delivery of a 2019 Arctic White Grand Sport convertible (complete with red interior).

On a video posted by the NCM, the surprise comes to a culmination on Corvette Boulevard at the Bash when Charlotte and Scott approach her stunned mom, who wasn’t expecting to see them at the Museum for a few days, and tell her that “everybody” has been lying to her for the past few months.

“Tell her about your lie,” Charlotte says to her dad.

As he finally admits the truth, John smiles and waves his arm toward the white convertible, and realizing it is theirs, Carol gives her husband a big hug and kiss in appreciation.

“When we celebrated Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary,” Charlotte said, “I made the statement ’50 years and still cruising.’ Corvette trips are something they love to do together, and I’m excited they now have a new ride to do them in!”

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