[VIDEO] Family Surprises Dad with a C6 Corvette on Father’s Day


[VIDEO] Family Surprises Dad with a C6 Corvette on Father's Day

We certainly hope everyone out there had a happy Father’s Day last month, but we’re sure not many dads had a much better holiday than Randy Head of Owensboro, Kentucky!

The National Corvette Museum shared a video that shows Randy’s wife, Stacy, taking him into their garage, where a black 2006 Corvette coupe was waiting for him.

“Happy Father’s Day!” his son Ben exclaims as he videos Randy’s reaction.

He appears to be in shock, walking around the surprise car continually and muttering some choice words of excitement that might make this video NSFW for some.

But who can blame him for being a little overjoyed? After all, his family reports that Randy has loved Corvettes most of his life and has even owned a couple of them over the years.

But as it seems to do, life came along, and he settled into the Corvette-less lifestyle, telling his family he would get another Corvette “one day.”

Well, one day finally happened Sunday.

“Dad always would say he wanted a Corvette to be he and mom’s travel car, but he never made time to buy it,” Ben said.

Randy’s daughter Whitney and grandson Maverick, who even rolls his little car on the hood, joined in the festivities.

So have you ever been surprised with a Corvette? If so, what was your reaction? Were you as calm as Randy, or did you jump up and down, screaming at the top of your lungs?

National Corvette Museum

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