[VIDEO] Emergency Brake Cable Failure During Photo Shoot Sinks a C3 Corvette


[VIDEO] Emergency Brake Cable Failure During Photoshoot Sinks a C3 Corvette

Photo credit: Brian Franco / Facebook

Not too much is known about this sunken C3 Corvette, but to us, it seems like the Corvette version of “Risky Business” where Tom Cruise sinks his dad’s Porsche 928 in Lake Michigan. It’s kinda like that, except there’s no Rebecca De Mornay coming to rescue of this Corvette owner.

We found this clip on Toronto PWC facebook page. After a little digging, we found the caption from the original poster on instagram named @carlosbrapp228 that helps us make sense of what happened at a boat launch by Humber Bay on Lake Ontario this Sunday:

Photo Shoot gone wrong. E-brake cable snapped.

Damn, that really sucks. Imagine watching your Corvette rolling down a boat ramp and going under water. At least he’ll have pictures to document the insurance claim.

Toronto PWC / Faccebook

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