1980 Corvette Caught in Tennessee River’s Flood Waters


1980 Corvette Caught in Tennessee River's Flood Waters

Recent heavy rains in Marshall County, Ky., and the flooding that followed have left at least one classic Corvette there under water.

Friday, crews from WPSD Channel 6 TV interviewed Shayne Sexton, who lives at a private campsite along the Tennessee River in Marshall County, which is about two hours east of Bowling Green, home of the Corvette assembly plant.

Sexton says he has been in the process of restoring his white 1980 L82 Corvette and wasn’t able to drive it out of harm’s way before flood waters moved in. In an attempt to do what he could to save the car from the flood, Sexton put it up on blocks. Unfortunately, that proved not to be high enough as video from his home shows water climbing to about hood level.

“We figured if we did get wet a little bit, we just get everything moved up high enough to keep it from getting wet,” Sexton told Channel 6. “I left a lot of stuff in the garage. I never thought the water would get higher than the car.”

Now the area is “a mess,” in the words of Sexton. “Pretty much looks like a war zone,” he says.

1980 Corvette Caught in Tennessee River's Flood Waters

Sexton has been using his boat to try and keep his property and that of his neighbors safe from looters.

“Well, somebody has to look after the place down there and make sure that people don’t come here looting,” he says. “When stuff goes to floating, people think it’s free to the world and come here to pick up what they want.”

Sexton has a good attitude about his own problems, noting that a couple of neighbors are out of the country helping with hurricane damage in Puerto Rico. When they get back, they’ll have flood damage of their own to contend with.

“It’s just the price you pay for living on the river,” says Sexton. “It’s not for everybody.”


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