[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette’s Side Scoop Design


[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette's Side Scoop Design

Apparently, our friend Chazcron has been taking a little heat for his renders, specifically the shape and trim on his C8 side intake scoops.

Hate the game, not the player renderer!

I caught this post over at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com where he uses these actual spy photos to show why he has shaped the scoop as such on his renders.

I would be very happy with this design, and Chazcron has basically said that until there is other concrete info that shows it differently, it’s staying as is. FYI, he has also previously stated that the actual car will be so much better than any of the renders shown to date…

[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette's Side Scoop Design

Here’s Chazcron in his own words.

I stated in a very early post that the bottom scoop shape I’ve concocted was the most appealing to ME and would not change it without compelling photographic evidence. I tried more than a few. I followed the contours visible in the early canvas bag camo down to where they meet the curved lower door crease. I opted to curve it back forward closer to the rear of the door rather than have it stay at one consistent width for two reasons. One, as it comes forward, it enables the scoop to trap more air, and second, I like the way it looks tapering outward toward the bottom than straight from top to bottom. Since no one has come forward with ANY proof of the actual shape, I will stick with it rather than tilt at windmills and constantly change the shape. My renders would lack overall consistency, and while I am constantly refining the overall shape, I do that because there are multitudes of actual photographs of much of the rest of the car. I’ve also stated that the bottom third is very likely wrong and that what GM did will look better and have aerodynamic reasons for the shape.

Crabby [Corvette Forum member], I took note of the body colored scoop blade visible in the center stripe. This is fairly compelling to me that the blade is real. This also compelled me to drop the carbon fiber for now. It may be an option, and while THIS GUY likes the contrast it provides the side of the car, many don’t.

Shape stays stubbornly the same.

Chazcron also shared this photo showing the scoop in various spy photos and how his render matches what we can actually see:

[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette's Side Scoop Design

[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette's Side Scoop Design

The MECF’s administrator-extraordinaire John chimed in with his observations that the C8’s side scoop may see three different trim finishes on the car that may include the scoops. The leaked RPOs from that Canadian customer who spec’d his C8 showed three choices for the Exterior Trim Finish with one of those being Carbon Flash:

[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette's Side Scoop Design

This seems to me to be an evolution of what we saw on the C7 Corvettes with the trim and vents eventually offered in Body Color and Shark Gray. Personally, I think offering the three exterior trim levels from the start is a great idea. I never thought the Body Color or the Shark Gray vents looked the same on the C7s as the Carbon Flash trim because they were offered later in production and everyone was used to seeing them in Black.

And speaking of Black, check out this new render from Chazcron showing the rear of the C8 mid-engine Corvette. We’ve heard through the grapevine that the renders are close in some areas and not so close in others. We always felt the rear of the C8 has never really been rendered in detail as its one of the most hidden areas on the C8 prototypes, but I think we’re getting closer!

[PICS] Chazcron Discusses the C8 Corvette's Side Scoop Design


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  1. The C8 will definitely be a great super car with great aero but the back end is brute ugly. Why hasn’t anybody commented on how chunky it looks? The back end doesn’t flow nicely or proportionately with the rest of the car. And what’s with all the ridges on the hood? Why do all the renderings have these ridges that taper towards the front bonnet? Why not leave the hood flat and carve out an opening for aero?

  2. Me too, Michael Grossi! I have said all along, the front end will definitely need air pressure relief or it will do back flips at 160-170…and that horrendous rear window screams out for a gun turret on the roof!! 🙂

  3. Interesting that people treat what this guy creates as being the REAL thing. BTW: the drawings are “renderings”… Not “renders”.

  4. It appears that the back end was designed by a totally different team at an entirely different location. There’s no doubt the vehicle will be a great performer but I think it’s lacking visual appeal or sex appeal. Multimatic did a great job with the new Ford GT and I’m thinking Chev should have consulted with them too. There is nothing wrong with working with other well known designers. I probably wont buy the C8 because of the rear. It’s not sultry and not refined.

  5. Sorry that last comment was from me. The defaults on this site aren’t working.

    While I don’t like the rear, I do think the guy has done a fine job with the renderings. But I hope to see renderings without the tapered ridges on the hood.

  6. @Michael Grossi – Your first comment nails it. The ass end of the C8 has looked butt (pun intended) ugly
    since the first render(ing)s surfaced. One can only hope that those scoops aren’t going to remain large
    enough to hide a German Shepherd in. Hideous at this point…

  7. Guys, what the heck makes you think these renderings represent the REAL car??? Are you claivoyant or delusional… please pick one.

  8. No I don’t have extrasensory perception nor am I delusional. The guy has made nice renderings based on a vehicle that is camouflaged. I get it. And because it’s his interpretation we aren’t allowed to comment? Then what’s the point of even posting renderings of a car that might not even exist? I stand by my initial comments – the back end is brute ugly. I’ve seen the mule C8 on line and I can say the renderings appear to be pretty accurate.

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