[VIDEO] Chazcron’s 360-degree All American C8 Corvette Renders


[VIDEO] Chazcron's 360-degree All American C8 Corvette Renders

With his latest updates in place, Chazcron has rendered three C8 mid-engine Corvettes into a new 360-degree video. The Red, White and Blue C8s are shown from all sides and a variety of angles to give you the best idea as to what Chevy’s 2020 Corvette might look like.

That blue Corvette render is to die for and is my favorite of three.

Chazcron admits the taillights are not perfect but we know they will be refined with the release of new spy photos.

Here’s what he said:

OK, folks, here’s a triple, All-American red, white, and blue 360º spin render of the upcoming Corvette. I know the taillights are a little messed up, but I felt it was time for another one of these. I also extinguished the grille light bar for this one.

And because we always want to offer our readers more, here’s a sneak preview of Chazcron’s latest work which is designing the layout of the instrument panel and other interior details:

Chazcron Interior Layout

Chazcron / MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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  1. Who needs to wait for an actual release of the C8 when we have a whole cottage industry of virtual ones? GM should just link an order blank to these renderings and be done with it!

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