[STOLEN] Car Thief Crashes Stolen C7 Corvette into a Pickup Truck in Texas


[STOLEN] Stolen C7 Corvette Crahses into Pickup Truck

Photo Credit: Fox4news.com

The owner of this C7 Corvette got a double dose of bad news in Dallas, Texas early Saturday.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that someone stole his sporty red coupe, outfitted with stylish black wheels, the thief then crashed the hot car into the back of a pickup truck, pretty much demolishing the body panels from the windshield forward.

The accident happened in downtown Dallas when deputies with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office attempted to pull over the Corvette along I-35 and Continental Avenue about 2 a.m. but the thief took off, leading lawmen on a chase that ended with the crash.

No one was injured in the collision, but the Corvette will be scarred forever on Carfax reports.

The driver of the Stingray was arrested, but his name has not been released.


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  2. You hear about so many people not being able to drive manual transmission cars, I wonder if this car had a manual or automatic?

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