[STOLEN] Corvette Thieves Drive on the Sidewalk to Avoid Miami Beach Police


[STOLEN] Corvette Theives Drive on the Sidewalk to Avoid Miami Beach Police

You can credit technology for helping recover a stolen Corvette in Florida this week.

Two people are facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing this yellow C6 Corvette Grand Sport coupe in Miami Beach and then taking it on a joyride partially captured on video by an alert cellphone user!

WSVN-TV posted this video of the hot Corvette – its roof panel removed as the thieves were apparently enjoying the beautiful sunny day in South Florida – as it is caught being driven recklessly onto a sidewalk, narrowly missing a trash can before heading back into the street, a police SUV also shown having to quickly reverse field and give chase.

Another piece of high-tech equipment also played a role in the recovery of the ‘Vette. Police were able to first locate the car around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday when a stationary license plate reader identified the stolen Corvette rolling along Sixth Street and Washington Avenue.

Police eventually tracked down the Corvette in the parking lot of Smith & Wollensky steakhouse at 1 Washington Avenue, where it had been abandoned. They quickly found two suspects inside the restaurant and also discovered drugs in the stolen Corvette.

Arrested were Raul Martin Decasanova, 40, and Ashley Jolyn Wymer, 32.

They’re facing several charges, including resisting an officer, grand theft, drug possession, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.


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  1. Shit like this will only be stopped once and for all when the penalty is death! I don’t mean waiting around on death row for 20 years. I mean they would be put to death within a week!

    When all these other useless POS will see what will happen to them when caught, they will think twice about a very stupid decision.

  2. Until the death penalty is mandatory for left lane bandits, I’m going to have to disagree there, J.

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