[VIDEO] How To Determine If Your Corvette’s Engine Numbers are Matching


[VIDEO] How To Determine If Your Corvette's Numbers are Matching

Over 12 years ago I wrote a blog post about how to decode a Corvette’s C8 casting numbers and engine stamps. Utilizing my own 1966 Corvette’s 327 small-block, I showed you where to find the specific codes and stamps on the engine and then I utilized several reference guides to determine the originality of the engine. This legacy article remains one of our most popular blog posts ever.

Our friends at BuyAVette.net, a large dealership in Atlanta that sells pre-owned late models and classic Corvettes, has put together a video showing how to find the numbers and codes on a Corvette’s V8 engine and they use a 1975 Corvette small-block to demonstrate exactly what you are looking for. Hosted by BuyAVette’s owner Greg Rush and General Manager Jack Stanford Jr, they show you exactly which numbers you need to concern yourselves with and where to find them.

You do need a couple of reference guides to take this deep dive into the numbers. The Corvette Black Book by Michael Antonick is an excellent resource and provides much of the information you need. You can find the latest edition for $25.00 at CorvetteBlackBook.com. The other book is Alan Colvin’s Corvette by the Numbers which you can find on Amazon. You’ll need this book to help break down the casting and assembly dates of the engine.

Check out the video from BuyAVette.net via YouTube:

In sales of Corvettes we often speak of “matching numbers”. But what does that really mean? What it means and how you can find out exactly if a car you are considering really has a matching numbers engine.

Now that you know how to determine if the numbers on a classic Corvette are matching, head over to BuyAVette.net and check out their huge inventory of Corvettes for sale!


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