[ACCIDENT] Elderly Driver Crashes C7 Corvette on a Snowy Road in Canada


[ACCIDENT] Elderly Driver Crashes C7 Corvette on Snowy Road in Canada

Photo Credit: castanet.net

Maybe there’s a good reason why some folks don’t drive their convertibles in the winter.

Check out this video that apparently shows a black C7 Corvette convertible driving erratically on a western Canadian highway on Wednesday afternoon, moments before it bounced off a utility pole and ran down into a slight ravine and into a creek.

The elderly driver of the Corvette was trapped inside the car and had to be extracted by emergency workers, who apparently had to remove the driver’s door in the process. The extent of his injuries is unknown at this time, but video from the scene by Castanet, a Canadian news website, shows the Corvette didn’t fare very well, with damaged body panels from front to rear on at least the driver’s side of the car.

The crash happened on Highway 97 and Hudson in Kelowna just before noon.

Reporter Madison Earhardt said the Corvette was rolling on summer tires, but it’s unknown if that contributed to the crash. While snow remained along the roadside, the streets were clear and traffic was seen moving rapidly past the crash. A man at the scene who says he heard about the crash on a scanner speculated that the driver may have had a medical emergency, which would explain the erratic driving just before the car left the road.


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  1. When they say summer tires, they are not kidding. Corvette pilot sport tires are dangerous below 40 degrees. GM warns people in very simple language about this in the owners manual. You must switch to an AS tire if you want to drive a Corvette during cold weather.
    My personal experience with my corvette bears this out. The tires have NO traction in the cold.

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