The Corvette Museum is Making a Significant Change to its Raffle Program


Corvette Museum Making Changes to Raffle Program

Have you ever bought a raffle ticket to try to win one of the new Corvettes offered by the National Corvette Museum? I know many that like to support the NCM with raffle ticket purchases. Not only does the money go to our favorite non-profit Corvette Museum, but we get to dream of what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that phone call telling us we are the winner!

Since the Museum’s early days, Corvette enthusiasts around the country were able to contribute to the National Corvette Museum through the raffle program which provides a major boost to the Museum’s annual fundraising efforts. Those fundraising efforts will likely take a hit as the NCM is instituting a new policy that limits the sales of raffle tickets to those who are “physically located in the state” at the time of purchase.

The National Corvette Museum has updated their raffle page with this notice that explains the changes:

NCM Corvette Raffle Notice

The NCM is also utilizing geolocation to determine where the visitors to the raffle website are located. At the top of the graphic above, you will see that they correctly identified my location as being in the state of Florida, which makes me ineligible to purchase raffle tickets under the new state guidelines.

The Museum’s Executive Director Wendell Strode sent the following information on the changes to the raffle program to its NCM Ambassadors:

NCM Ambassadors, the best way I know how to explain our situation with raffles is (1) our gaming license is from the State of Kentucky, (2) we are investigating how many other states recognize our Kentucky Gaming License and how many do not. (3) For those that do it should be a simple and timely process. (4) For those that don’t, we will investigate the process and cost involved to obtain needed approval. (5) This includes (a) online sales in other states, (b) telephone calls/sales from residents of other states and (c) sales by volunteers and Ambassadors in their respective states. It’s going to take some time but we are on it. We will let you know as we know more. Thanks for your understanding.

This morning spoke with NCM Marking Director Katie Ellison who told us they are in the very early stages of investigating which states might allow reciprocity with Kentucky’s gaming laws which could then allow Corvette enthusiasts to purchase tickets in that state as well.


In the meantime, more Corvette raffles are planned and we know that two Corvettes will be raffled during the NCM Bash at the end of April. Those raffles will include a $100 and a $10 entry ticket. Again, regarding the changes, you don’t have to be a resident of the state of Kentucky, just physically in the state of Kentucky at time of purchase.

More information about the National Corvette Museum’s Corvette Raffle program can be found at

National Corvette Museum

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  1. So a ticket buyer needs to physically pay for the ticket in KY – does that open up an opportunity for ticket brokers now?

  2. As a previous winner from California I can say this is a bummer. I would have never had the opportunity I did have, thankfully I did. Gonna be a huge hit to their revenue stream if they can’t sort this out.

  3. ncm & gm needs to tell kentucky dept of charitable gaming that gm has a empty factory in lordstown ohio they will be happy to make corvettes there

  4. NCM, You guys are about as USELESS as your boy RAND PAUL ! He must be on the board of directors. Maybe you guys can start selling tickets south of the border !

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