[VIDEO] Aflac Super Bowl Commercial: Man has Surgery to Remove a 1967 Corvette


[VIDEO] AFLAC Super Bowl Commercial: Man has Surgery to Remove a 1967 Corvette

One of the most popular commercials in Sunday’s Super Bowl between Atlanta and New England will likely be the one for Aflac – at least for Corvette enthusiasts!

Though there isn’t a sign of a Corvette anywhere in the 30-second commercial, named “Surgery,” it’s still of interest to enthusiasts.

Set the scene: A doctor is gloved up ready for surgery when she tells her patient:

“It’s a very simple procedure, Mr. Diaz. We’re gonna make one small incision here and then we’re gonna go in and remove your ’67 Corvette.”

“My ‘Vette?” the patient asks.


“It’s just a gall bladder.”

“You don’t have – cut to the duck – Aflac paying you cash, so you might have to sell that sweet little muscle machine just to cover your rent,” the doc responds. “More funny juice…”

“But my papa gave me that car….” Mr. Diaz says, just before his eyes close and he goes under.

“What do you wish you had?” the doctor goes on, moving her patient’s lips to say, “Aflac.”

“I love doing that,” she smiles as a dubover says: “Health can change, but the life you love doesn’t have to. Keep your lifestyle healthy with – cue the duck again wearing a surgical scrub cap – Aflac.”

The commercial – Aflac’s first foray into the Super Bowl – is slated to air around 6:20 p.m. Sunday, just after another Georgian, Luke Bryan, sings the National Anthem.

“We are excited to demonstrate the value of Aflac’s products and services to an audience that is likely to top 110 million people,” Aflac Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gail Galuppo said. “After more than 16 years scoring touchdowns as Aflac’s iconic advertising quarterback, we felt the time was right to elevate the Aflac Duck on the world’s stage alongside the other stars as they battle for gridiron immortality.”

From the Super Bowl, the ad will appear on the 59th Grammy Awards on Feb. 12 and then become part of the company’s regular advertising rotation.


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