Four Special Edition 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Coupes Confirmed for Rolex 24 Reveal


Four Special Edition 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Coupes Confirmed for Rolex Reveal

Photo Credit: 2017 Corvette Brochure

We’ve got more news regarding the new 2019 Special Editions in the works. Last week we learned through the official agenda of events for the Rolex 24 Corvette Corral that a 2019 Corvette Special Edition was going to be revealed this Friday morning.

Today, we now know that four special edition Corvette Grand Sport Coupes will be at the Chevrolet Experience Center in Daytona’s infield.

That bit of news was confirmed in Corvette Racing’s pre-race report that came out this morning. In it, the new special editions are mentioned as part of the display at the Chevrolet Experience Center:

Also located inside the track and next to Victory Lane, the Chevrolet Experience Center will have a number of additional Chevrolet production vehicles and product specialists throughout the Rolex 24 weekend. Fans can walk through the Experience Center and see models such as four special edition Corvette Grand Sport coupes, Corvette Z06, Camaro ZL1 and Silverado. [emphasis added]

Also, I’ve been asked time and again if these are going to be mid-engine Corvettes or if they are the new 2020 Corvettes. Folks, the agenda is calling them 2019s and now we know they are Grand Sports, so it’s going to be a front engine car.

Since last week’s announcement of a 2019 Corvette Special Edition, many are sharing the photos of this high-wing Corvette Z06 Coupe that was spied in the Detroit area last May.

With the ZR1’s high wing, a roll cage, and the base aero package, some are even speculating this could be a Grand Sport hiding in plain sight as we see the base Bembo steel rotors and what may be the smaller profile Grand Sport hood covering a naturally aspirated LT1.

Corvette Z06 with High Wing and Roll Cage

Photo Credit:

Such a car would be a cool addition to the Corvette lineup but its appeal may be limited based on whether or not the creature comforts were deleted for track use as Chevy did with the Camaro Z28. Price would also be a factor and how close it comes to the Z06 which the Corvette team has long promoted as its best track-oriented Corvette.

Both Tadge and Harlan have mentioned at different times that a C7 track car would be something they want to do. We even speculated early on with the ZR1 that it might be the return of the Z06X concept. So we are not discounting that possibility for the team to do these smaller production runs for specialty cars like the ZR1 or a track oriented Grand Sport (Grand Sport X?).

I’m still on the fence as to what this Special Edition will be but if I had to guess, I would say we’re looking at a “Paint and Stickers” package with at least four variations based on the number of Corvettes that will be displayed. The question we have is will it be enough to juice sales of new Corvettes through the end of 2019’s production, which by the way is celebrating its 1-year anniversary on January 29th.

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