[SPIED] 2019 Corvette Z06 Spotted with a ZR1 Wing and Roll Cage


[SPIED] 2019 Corvette Z06 Spotted with a ZR1 Wing and Roll Cage

Photo Credit: KGP Photography

Remember the 2011 Corvette Z06X Concept? Working with Pratt and Miller and utilizing GM Performance Parts, Chevy stripped down a 1LZ Z06, removing the passenger seat, radio, carpeting and sound-deadening materials and then added a roll-cage, racing seat, and full safety harness, as well as beefing up the suspension and adding the carbon fiber aero package. The result was a race-ready Z06 straight from the factory.

It was nearly two years ago that we hypothesized that the winged C7 prototype we started seeing in 2016 would be a C7 version of the Z06X. Although the car under the covers turned out to be the 2019 Corvette ZR1, it looks like our dream of a track-ready C7 Z06X may still be alive.

Our friends at Autoblog are sharing a full gallery of new spy pics showing a de-badged Corvette Z06 in matte gray and wearing Michigan Manufacturers plates. Head on over to check them out and then come on back for our commentary.

Good, we are glad you came back!

The fact that this car isn’t being camouflaged is telling. (I think it’s also telling that the windows are down, allowing a better view of the orange roll-bar. But that’s the conspiracy theorist in me!)

The Z06 is wearing a matte gray finish with shark gray vents and is outfitted with a Sebring Orange ZTK-styled High Wing, rockers and front splitter. There are some subtle touches like the air ducts and hood vents outlined in orange and the car also features orange calipers. But the most striking touch of orange is the orange roll-bar that can be spotted inside. We also see Competition sport seats in the interior, but the seatbelt appears to be regular production and not a safety harness. Tow hooks are mounted to the car in the front and rear.

One item that we do not see are the Brembo carbon ceramic brakes which we think would be one of the items a racer would want. Instead, we see the car is equipped with standard slotted steel rotors.

Seeing this Corvette for the first time today has sure put a smile on my face. Chevrolet is offering a Camaro in a GT4-spec configuration so could this be a track-ready version for the Corvette model lineup? We know that many enthusiasts have been clamoring for such a Corvette since before the introduction of the C6 Z06X and both Harland Charles and Tadge Juechter have mentioned it previously.

You know the drill by now. Stick around as we’ll be watching for more signs that Chevrolet could be bringing a factory-built Corvette race car to market in the near future.

Photo Credits: KGP Photography

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  1. Steel rotors are preferred by racing types – better and cheaper life. Cool car – but hope the cooing system is improved!

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