[VIDEO] I Hear It’s Snowing So Let’s Watch a Guy Teach His Wife to Drift in a C5 Corvette


[VIDEO] I Hear It's Snowing So Let's Watch a Guy Teach His Wife to Drift in a C5 Corvette

Dealing with a lot of snow this weekend? You’re not alone! A huge storm has dropped the white stuff across the country. People deal with it in different ways, but I do like this guy’s approach!

We just featured this white C5 Corvette last week after we watched the video of the owner talking about buying it despite the fact that it had 300,000 miles on the odometer. And because of those miles and some of the other scars its earned in 21 years, he’s not afraid to take it out to have some fun in the snow.

But instead of him driving the car, he hands the keys to his wife to see what she can do. She’s a bit reluctant at first and there is a conversation where she asks him if the car is going to flip over, but in the end, she gets the hang of it and spins that white Corvette round and round!

They make a cute couple and if you caught the previous video, they just had their first baby. So…enjoy the Corvette while you can!

HUMMUH / YouTube

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