[VIDEO] Would You Buy a Corvette with 300,000 Miles On It?


[VIDEO] Would You Buy a Corvette with 300,000 Miles On It?

When browsing your local craigslist or other Corvettes for Sale websites and you see a high mileage Corvette for a low price, do you stop to consider it or do you immediately swipe right and keep on searching?

Later model Corvettes can be fairly reliable and their owners usually have done a pretty good job at maintaining them over the years, but as the miles add up, those former daily drivers can be harder to sell. But should they be?

Here’s a new Corvette owner who recently purchased such a car – a 1998 Coupe with 300,000 miles on the odometer and the scars to prove it. The previous owner told him it had an overheating issue and engine lights appeared on the gauges when it was started. But as he continued his inspection of the car, and realizing what he could buy it for, the more excited he got.

[VIDEO] Would You Buy a Corvette with 300,000 Miles On It?

Now a month later, this new self-described “Corvette guy” gives us a walk-around as he takes us through his purchase of the White 1998 Corvette Coupe that he bought for $3,500.

The video was posted as part of Scotty Kilmer’s Weekly Car Review on YouTube:

Car show off contest winner Hayden and his 1998 C5 Corvette. This 21-year-old car has a V8 engine with over 300,000 miles on it.

Scotty Kilmer / YouTube

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