[VIDEO] 1969 Corvette Owner Explains How He Gets a Free Car Battery for Life


[VIDEO] 1969 Corvette Owner Explains How He Gets a Free Car Battery for Life

A free car battery for life? Sounds too good to be true!

Check out this video with the original owner of a 1969 Corvette and how he scored when he purchased a JCPenny car battery back in the 1970s with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Scotty Kilmer / YouTube

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  1. Wow, what a deal! Especially when the C3 battery is easily accessible behind the driver’s seat. I wish JC Penny had offered this on my original C2 which I have kept since 1966. They would be out of business today on the C7 batteries costing upwards of $400 and almost impossible to remove!
    Now you need to keep the C3 forever!

  2. Well i bought a lifetime battery here in canada for my 59. Its not a tar top but since 86 ive gotten at least 7 of them. They always look at me strangely when i tell them i have a life time warranty and i would like a free replacement. Crazy

  3. I bought one of those for a Fuelie Split Window I had in the mid 70s. But I sold that car. At the same time, a friend of mine who had a ’62 340 HP 327 Corvette bought the JCP Battery for his car too. Luckily for him, he still has that car. And we talked recently and he said he had just gotten a new battery for his car. I guess it was an Interstate brand battery. I don’t remember if he said that or not. But I do know he has had to argue with some of the people to get a new one. He said when JCP still had their auto centers, he went in to get a new one. That was after they had discontinued this battery. They told him they would give him one more battery but it would be the last one. He said oh hell no it won’t. I’ll be back in 3-4 years for another one. You can bet on that!

  4. I have a 1981 Toyota Celica (Sunchaser) that I purchased new.. I put a Canadian Tire Life time warranty battery in that car in 1983 or 4. I have not paid for a battery since and I still have the car…

  5. Not sure why your battery goes bad so much, but today’s batteries should last 5-8 years in your corvette. At least they are standing by their warranty.

  6. Desert heat in the summers (115-120) like here in Las Vegas or my old residence in Palm Springs, will eat those batteries way quicker than cooler areas of the country. I’d be tickled pink with a 5 year average battery life!

  7. I too bought a Canadian Tire life-time battery for my ‘75 Vette back in 1982…
    I still have the car and still get free batteries.
    The last time I replaced it the service person wasn’t even born when I bought the original battery!

  8. I bought seven life time batteries from Sears in the late 60’s. One for each of my corvettes, those being a 57, a 61 Fuelie, and a 63 split window (power steering, brakes and AIR). I still have all three of the vetts but none of the other five cars. After a few years Sears discontinued their lifetime warranty and referred it on to Penneys who took care of me on batteries for several years untill they passed it on to Firestone.. I gradually lost track of my paperwork etc. and no longer get the free batteries. I do feel lucky to still have the vetts, even though I don’t get free batteries.

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