The C7 Corvette is the Perfect Car for this Father with a Special Needs Son


The C7 Corvette is the Perfect Car for this Father with a Special Needs Son

Photo Credit: James Bowen

A father and his special-needs son are making wonderful memories together as they ride around Lincoln, Nebraska – and across the country – in their new C7 Corvette.

While some folks might think a new two-seater Stingray isn’t the most practical car for a family to own, James Bowen, founder/owner/CEO of Five Nines Technology Group, would beg to differ.

You see, his son Kaden was born 2½ months early and suffers from cerebral palsy. Kids like him, James says, need a lot of motion, so he used to take Kaden go-karting until he finally grew too big for the tandem seats there.

Car rides are the next best thing, so Kaden – who can’t talk – uses his speaking device to ask his dad to “go for a ride” many times a day.

James had been using a Porsche 911 to take his son around town but found that its limited cargo space made it difficult to transport Kaden’s wheelchair, especially on long weekend trips where they might stop and stay in a motel.

So James started looking for other options for a “fun” car that was more utilitarian and could accommodate his son’s special needs.

That’s when he remembered that Corvettes had a hatchback and thought that might be just the ticket. James looked around and actually found one on sale nearby and went to check it out.

“I took my son and his foldable wheelchair with me, and WOW, this thing was a perfect fit for us,” James says. “The hatchback storage is HUGE, and very easy to access, and the bolsters on the front seat were good enough to hold my son in place.”

He bought the Corvette on the spot, and two weeks later, he and Kaden made a 728-mile round trip to the Bash event at the National Corvette Museum. By the way, they averaged a whopping 32 mpg during the trip, including city and track driving!

They’re using their new Corvette to attend car shows as well as their daily rides together.

Sounds like perfect father-son outings to us!


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