[VIDEO] The Genovation GXE Electric Corvette on Autoline After Hours


[VIDEO] The Genovation GXE Electric Corvette on Autoline After Hours

Genovation’s wild GXE continues to edge closer to production. The $750,000 electric Corvette will pack around 800hp, 700ft-lbs of torque, and is expected to top out 220 miles per hour. As the company works on prototype number three, CEO Andrew Saul took time to sit down with Autoline’s John McElroy. Autoblog’s Greg Migliore and Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design & Production complete the panel discussing the Genovation GXE.

The first 30ish minutes of the video below are dedicated to Saul and the GXE. Many of the car’s specs (which we already knew) are discussed as well as topics like “is there a market for a $750,000 Corvette?” Andrew goes on to explain that they’ve already been contacted by several collectors and that there should be a market for all 75 cars they’ll be building. We agree. Yes, the price of admission is cheap, but high-end collectors will be lining up for something as unique as the GXE.

[VIDEO] The Genovation GXE Electric Corvette on Autoline After Hours

One new thing we learned while watching Autoline was that each owner gets to pick and name their own exterior color. Once you choose your color, it’s yours. No one else gets to use it. CorvetteBlogger Orange, anyone? Customers are also able meet with the design team and create their own unique interior. This basically means that no two GXE’s will be the same.

They also discuss the electric drivetrain from batteries to transmission. This leads into the inevitable question of travel range. Saul responds by saying that the car has done 2-200mph test runs and still had 100miles of range left in the packs. No range anxiety here.

We won’t give away all the details so check out this edition of Autoline After Hours below. The GXE discussion is the first half of this week’s episode.


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