Astronaut Alan Bean Passes Away at 86 Years Old


Astronaut Alan Bean Passes Away at 86 Years Old

Photo Credit: Danny Reed

America lost a hero this weekend with the passing of astronaut Alan Bean, who was 86 years old. Bean was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 12 and was the fourth human to walk on the moon. Like many of the

Unlike the other astronauts to drive Corvettes, Alan Bean and fellow mission partners Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon opted for identical Corvettes and they would lease three Riverside Gold 1969 Corvette Coupes. Life Magazine would feature the Astronauts and their Corvettes, helping to cement the close relationship between NASA’s space program and the Chevrolet Corvette.

Each of the “Astrovettes” was equipped with the 427/390 big block V8 and factory A/C. A unique paint scheme featuring black “wings” was added to the doors and rear quarter panels while special logos were painted above the Stingray badge on the front quarter panels. The logos designated each Apollo 12 astronauts responsibility with Alan Bean’s reading “LMP” for Lunar Module Pilot.

Photo Credit: Life Magazine

Following the conclusion of the lease program, the astronauts turned in their Corvettes and they were resold as pre-owned Corvettes. Alan Bean’s Corvette was purchased in 1971 by an enthusiast named Danny Reed who has owned it ever since. It’s the only one of the three Apollo 12 Corvettes whose whereabouts are known.

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  1. Very appropriate article for our Memorial Day. Special guy, special vehicle. A big THANK YOU to all you Corvette lovers and their families that served. Happy Memorial Day.

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