Chevrolet Teases the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette at its Dealer Meetings in Las Vegas


Chevrolet Teases the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette at its Dealer Meetings in Las Vegas

Since a mid-engine prototype was first spotted at the Milford Proving Grounds in early 2015, in a cobbled together Holden Ute no less, speculation has mostly run along two schools of thought: Corvette fans say it’s proof that Zora Arkus-Duntov’s wish of a mid-engine Corvette is finally coming to fruition. Cadillac enthusiasts point to Cadillac’s boss Johan de Nysschen past work at Audi and say the mid-engine prototype is a Cadillac halo car designed to compete with the Audi R8.

Recent news that Cadillac is having its new high-performance 4.2 liter twin-turbo V8 built inside the Corvette Assembly Plant’s Performance Build Center has had the effect of pouring gas on these rumors to the point that de Nysschen had to come out at the New York Auto Show to publically call for the speculation to stop as he claims the new engine will be exclusive to Cadillac.

When you look at the spy photos of these prototypes, there is nothing design-wise that suggests these are Cadillacs. In fact, the visible parts that we’ve seen, from rear taillight CAD images to the five-spoke wheels all scream Chevrolet Corvette.

In our effort to help these wayward Cadillac fans get over the fact that the mid-engine prototypes they’ve been seeing are actually the next generation of Corvettes, we turn to the Chevrolet dealers meeting that is happening this week in Las Vegas.

Our friend Nate Chandler of New York’s Van Bortel Chevrolet is one of the dealers in attendance at the meetings. He posted on Facebook late last night that Chevrolet has teased dealers with a glimpse of the future Corvette. In his Facebook post he says:

“Caught a glimpse of the next gen Corvette at Chevy’s Find New Roads dealer conference. It is coming, it looks very mid-engined! The teaser was part of the General Session where phones and recording devices were not permitted. I can’t wait to find out more!”

Nate also hit the Corvette Forum where he posted this:

“I just left the General Session presentation by GM/Chevy at the “Find New Roads” Dealer’s Conference at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. We got a glimpse of the C8 Corvette. It is coming. GM called it a super car. The 2 pictures we saw showed very little, but I’m thrilled to share I caught a glimpse of the production car. It definitely looked mid-engined. The front hood reminded me of a lotus. Front bumper cover reminded me of the 2019 ZR1. Time to go party at the reception. If I bump into Brian Sweeny, US VP of Chevy, or other GM Execs, I will ask some questions and report back!”

Now, official Chevrolet meetings don’t normally tease Cadillacs to its dealers and in fact, Chevrolet did the same kind of tease at a dealers meeting in Las Vegas with the C7 Corvettes back in 2012 with the soon-to-be-released C7 Corvette Stingray.

Eyewitness accounts, multiple trademark filings and a plethora of other “evidence” help us connect the dots that these mid-engine prototypes are Corvettes. But having it teased at the Chevrolet dealers meeting is about as top-level and official as it gets.

Sure it’s possible that a mid-engine Cadillac sports car may be in the works, but just like de Nysschens comment’s saying Corvette isn’t getting their “Hot V” twin-turbo engine, we say Cadillac isn’t getting this mid-engine sports car.

Nate Chandler / Van Bortel Chevrolet

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  1. Cadillac’s version of the C8 is definitely under development and wind tunnel testing. Regarding that brand’s exclusive use of the new 4.2-liter hot V engine, there’s nothing stopping Corvette from using a 600-hp version with more aggressive tuning and a more assertive voice.

  2. The C8 tooling is in the Corvette Plant and is in the process of debugging. It is a mid-engine platform and frames went through before the tooling came down from MI. That’s how come you see them around. An amazing coincidence is that the twin turbo Cadillac motor will fit this platform fueling the stories of a 2nd shift at the plant to produce a vehicle “new to the plant.” Cadillac’s via the Corvette plant? It wouldn’t be the first time!

  3. Cadillac supercar/halo car will not be mid-engine, these escala has already been green-light 2020-2021. Corvette c8 ME will not have Cadillac’s Hot V configuration 4.2liter engine. It will be LT1 V8, later DOHC N/A V8 engine, TT DOHC 4.6-literV8 engine (Tt on side of bock), TT DOHC 5.4 liter V8 engine (TT on side of block).

  4. By the time this comes out, the R8 will no longer be in production. It took GM like 10 years to make this.

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