Is this the Zora ZR-1 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype?


Is this the Zora ZR-1 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype?

Car and Driver magazine attempted to break the internet Thursday by posting photos of what they say is the heavily rumored upcoming mid-engine Corvette. Their reconnaissance produced 15 images of the Holden bodied vehicle before it was hastily tucked away under a black car cover.

Accordingly to the article that El Camino-esque body you see is Holden’s Commodore Ute, but it’s pretty obvious that the birdcage area is donated from a C7. They also point out the short nose and large area behind the seats where an engine could easily fit.

Also visible is a massive rear spoiler which implies that this prototype is built for speed as well a B-pillar mounted gas tank filler cap and air intakes on the rocker panels.

Inside it appears that there’s even a C7 cockpit, but we can’t be certain from the spy shots.

Car and driver goes on to speculate that the wheelbase is just under 99 inches which brings it in 8 inches shorter than a production C7. They then go on to mention the transmission could now be mounted outback behind the rear and even predict 60/40 weight balance for the car. One of the more surprising tidbits to come out of the C and D article is that they talk about power plants potentially as small as 3.5-4.0 liters motivating the future supercar.

Finally they attempt to answer what everyone will be asking: when can I get mine? Well, C and D is saying that this thing could be going down your street in as little as 20 months and reside alongside Stingrays and Z06’s at your local dealer.

We have to admit we were pretty skeptical when the latest round of mid-engine Corvette rumors flared up several months ago. After all Chevrolet has been taunting us with mid-engine Corvette concepts for 50+ plus years now. Based on these photos, though, it appears that there may be actually something in the works this time.

Visit Car and Driver to see all 15 spy photos of the prototype mid-engine Corvette as well as their renders of what they think the car will look like when its completed:

Is this the Zora ZR-1 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype?


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