[VIDEO] Mid-Engine C8 Corvettes Driving in Colorado


[VIDEO] Mid-Engine C8 Corvettes Driving in Colorado

Photo Credits: Jr Andrew Silva / Facebook

The C8 Mid Engine Corvettes have been spotted again, this time in Eagle, Colorado as they are most likely performing high-altitude testing in the area. A google search lists the elevation of Eagle at 6,601 feet. The two C8s were also spotted with a Chevy Sedan.

The photos and video were posted on a “Colorado Car Spotters” Facebook group by a fella named “Jr Andrew Silva”, and we came across them via the Corvette Forum.

Not much new here, the heavy camouflage is keeping the important bits under wrap for the time being. From what I gather from the forum conversation, the original FB poster claims he hears turbos but the video has a lot of road noise and so it’s not really possible for us to make that determination.

I really like the wheels and think the machined lip with the notches look, well, top notch. Smaller brake rotors indicate we are most likely looking at the base Zora model (I want that name so bad and what a way to honor Zora too!).

Check out the pics and video and let me know what you see:

[VIDEO] Mid-Engine C8 Corvettes Driving in Colorado

[VIDEO] C8 Mid Engine Corvettes Driving in Colorado

[VIDEO] Mid-Engine C8 Corvettes Driving in Colorado

[VIDEO] Mid-Engine C8 Corvettes Driving in Colorado

Just for kicks, I went back to look at when the 2019 ZR1 was first sighted in Colorado. That was in October 2016 when a group of ZR1s was spotted by The Fast Lane Car Blog. It would be a year later in November 2017 that the ZR1 would be unveiled in Dubai. So a reveal at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show show fits the timeline almost perfectly.

Here is the video. Again, turn it up and see if you hear turbos…

Corvette Forum
Photos and Video by Jr Andrew Silva / Facebook

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