[SPIED] Mid Engine C8 Corvette Undergoes Cold Weather Testing


[SPIED] Mid Engine C8 Corvette Undergoes Cold Weather Testing

New spy photos of the mid-engine C8 Corvette undergoing cold weather testing broke late Friday afternoon.

The photos show the heavily camouflaged C8 Corvette continues to evolve from the previous sightings back in October when three prototypes hit up a McDonald’s drive-thru in Cadillac, MI.

Check out the full gallery of spy photos from our friends at AutoBlog:

One of the things we noticed right away are the wheels which feature the familiar Chevrolet five-spokes. These appear to be much more finished than those spotted earlier. This prototype was captured with black wheels with a slotted five-spoke design. A machined-silver stripe is now featured around the lip. One of the more interesting developments is the rear brakes which appear to have two calipers for the steel rotors at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions.

Another element we like are the rear view mirrors which seem to hang out further than than those found on the C7s. That’s most likely to give the driver a better view over the C8’s rear haunches. With the new design, perhaps engineers will offer blind spot detection technology for the first time?

The roof lines appear to show Chevrolet will once again offer their signature sports car with a removable roof panel. That’s great news for those that like to pop the top for that open-air driving experience. But that leads us to the next question. Will there be enough storage space for the targa top, and if so, just exactly where that would be? So many questions!!

So far, the mid-engine design does look impressive and I can’t help to think that we are still looking at the entry-level model (The ZORA?) while another model with a higher level of performance will most likely appear following this car’s debut. Chevrolet has followed the same “modus operandi” for its introduction of the C5, C6 and C7 generations and the steel rotors on the mid-engine car lead us to believe that the C8 will follow the trend.

Thanks to the recent leaks of CAD drawings, the C8’s mid-engine appears to be a twin-turbo V8. Based on the IHS Markit Engine Survey (and with some great analysis by the Stingray Forum’s @elegant), the V8s powering the new Corvettes could range from a 4.2 liter to 5.5 liter twin-turbo DOHC engine with the larger engine making as much as 850-hp. Chevrolet may also make use of the Stingray and Grand Sport’s 460-hp naturally aspirated LT1. Like much of what we know about the C8 Corvette, the powertrain options are all speculation at this point.

As always, stay tuned. The new year will surely bring more mid-engine news as Chevrolet looks to make the biggest design change in Corvette’s 65-year history.

Image Credit: KGP Photography

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  1. 4.2 twin turbo V6 650 HP available at the start of production.
    5.5 twin turbo V8 800 HP available at start of production.
    6.2 twin turbo V8 850 HP+ coming later in production

  2. 4.2 twin turbo V6 650 HP available at the start of production.
    5.5 twin turbo V8 800 HP available at start of production.
    6.2 twin turbo V8 850 HP+ coming later in production

  3. There are a lot of C7 owners with “Summer Tires” that hope somebody is going to make a rear tire for the Z06 and Grand Sport that can be driven in temps below 40f. Don’t need snow tires, just something that can be driven year around. Not interested in racing, just enjoy street driving my 2017 Z06 Vette which came equipped with the summer only tires.
    Thanks, JB

  4. I have Bridgestone Potenza All weather run-flats on my C5 and the work great in the Indiana winters. 40,000 mile warranty. Got them at Tire Rack.

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