[SPIED] 2018 Corvette ZR1 Prototypes Testing in the Rocky Mountains


[SPIED] 2018 Corvette ZR1 Prototypes Testing in the Rocky Mountains

Photo Credit: The Fast Lane Car

Earlier this month the guys from The Fast Lane Car were doing some prototype hunting when they spied a group of 2018 Corvette ZR1 prototypes at a hotel parking lot in the Rocky Mountains.

“Guys, I think we may have hit another jackpot” says Andre to the driver Nathan who responds “How many are there?”. “Stop! It’s running!”, Andre exclaims as he captures the burble of the prototype Corvette’s V8 engine at idle with his video camera.

Manufacturers and their camouflaged prototypes can be found regularly in the high altitudes in Colorado where they do a variety of testing and the TFLCar guys do spot testing equipment on the Corvettes. Also interesting is a Chevy Silverado with gas tanks in the bed marked “93 octane” as only 91 octane is available locally.

These Corvette prototypes are similarly equipped with the others that we spied in Ohio recently although we could only see Coupes and no Convertibles. And while they have the struts for the rear spoiler wings that we’ve seen previously, these prototypes were without the somewhat-controversial rear wing.

Soon after, the duo gets in front of one of the prototypes on the highway and Andre jumps out to capture the sports car as it drives by. Back in the car, the two are trailing the car and they get a shot while passing the prototype. At that point the driver of the Corvette has had enough and slows way down to put distance between the two cars.

The Fast Lane Car

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