[VIDEO] SONIC Tools: The Choice of Corvette Racing


[VIDEO] SONIC Tools: The Choice of Corvette Racing

Corvette Racing could choose any tool company and they chose SONIC Tools as their strategic tool partner. Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan and Corvette crew chief Dan Binks are featured in this video with their observations about SONIC Tools USA and how that selection helps win races.

Doug Fehan talks about all the elements it takes to field a championship racing team which includes having the right tools:

“The thing that may be unheralded is the selection of our tools and we obviously have the opportunity to pick anybody, We chose SONIC Tools. There is a reason behind that. The level of organization in those toolboxes, the quality of the materials, the warranty behind the tools themselves, all lend to how we operate here at Corvette Racing.”

[VIDEO] SONIC Tools: The Choice of Corvette Racing

Corvette Crew Chief Dan Binks on the organization of the SONIC Toolboxes:

The SONIC foam system is amazing. You open the drawers and if you’re missing a socket or you know you want a socket, right, if you want a half-inch you know where it is, you know where the extensions are. You open the screwdriver drawers and you know if you left one out. Just knowing that drawer number two has the screwdrivers in it in every toolbox in our pitlane. There’s times when you’re working on the 3 car or you’re working on the 4 car and you’re working out of someone elses toolbox, it just cuts down on the time, you know, when we move from one place to another.”

Here is Doug and Dan talking about the SONIC Tools Corvette Racing tool boxes:

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  1. Sonic may have great tools,but, someone please tell me why Corvette Racing can’t use an AMERICAN TOOL Co.

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