[VIDEO] Corvettes at Carlisle’s Lance Miller Visits Kerbeck Corvette


[VIDEO] Corvettes at Carlisle's Lance Miller Visits Kerbeck Corvette

One of the best elements of social media is the ability to watch a couple of your good friends get together. And when they share live video, it’s almost like you are there!

That happened today when our friend Lance Miller of Corvettes and Carlisle visited our very good friends at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, NJ.

As Lance was walking the lot, a transporter from Bowling Green arrived with 11 shiny new Corvettes all wrapped up in their protective covers. Lance began filming as the driver named Kenny unloaded the new 2019 Corvettes. Once on the ground, two reps from Kerbeck unwrapped and then inspected the cars before moving them to PDI.

[VIDEO] Corvettes at Carlisle's Lance Miller Visits Kerbeck Corvette

It’s a process that is well rehearsed and has been done thousands of times at Kerbeck. Yet, there aren’t many videos we can remember which documents the process like the live video below from Lance.

One of the things he is asked to do is to look at the new Mobil 1 oil cap which is supposed to be the new 0W-40 cap that we previewed at the Rolex 24. Despite these being 2019 models, the oil cap on an Admiral Blue Stingray is still showing the 5W-30. Hmmm…

Lance also gets up and close to check out new paint process and proclaims it much improved. As Lance turns away from the unloading action, he captures a new Sebring Orange Grand Sport and then follows it up with a patriotic trio of Red, Blue and White Corvettes:

As Lance is walking around the sales lot, he goes live on Facebook one more time and shares another great collection of Corvettes for sale at Kerbeck including a 2018 Carbon 65 Grand Sport. I said hi to Lance during the video and he threw a shout-out to us as he was checking out the Carbon 65.

There is something for everyone at Kerbeck as more friends chimed it, asking questions and saying what their favorites were. Lance then goes inside and we see a showroom full of Corvettes for sale as well as the one and only EX-122 Motorama Corvette that started it all in 1953:

Thanks Lance for sharing your experince today at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, NJ. Pretty cool seeing those Corvettes rolling off the back of the transporters as well as Kerbeck’s huge selection of Corvettes for sale.

If you are ready for a new Corvette, you can view Kerbeck’s inventory of Corvette Stingrays, Grand Sports and Z06s here at kerbeck.com, or call Dave Salvatore at 877-537-2325.

Lance Miller / Facebook

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