[VIDEO] Philadelphia Eagles Fans Trash a 1985 Corvette Parked Along Super Bowl Parade Route


[PICS] Philiadelphia Eagles Fans Trash a 1985 Corvette Parked Along Super Bowl Parade Route

Check out these photos shared from Fox29’s Steve Keeley, who has been covering the path of destruction following the win by the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

During last week’s Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles parade, a young lady parked her white 1985 Corvette at Judson Street and Pennsylvania to watch the parade. When she returned, she found her Corvette was extensively damaged. The disturbing photos and now a video from the police department show Eagles fans standing and jumping on top of the Corvette during the parade.

The damage was significant and now police are turning to the public to help identify these hooligans. Hopefully, they will be identified and arrested for destroying the car.

Here is the video released by the Philadelphia Police Department showing the vandalism as well as capturing the faces of those engaging in the destruction of the Corvette:

I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone recognizes these “fans” who destroyed another fan’s Corvette, then let’s make them famous! If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact the PPD at 215-686-3047. To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477).

Steve Keeley / Fox29

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  1. Is anyone surprised at any form of disrespect when it involves the NFL? Shouldn’t be too hard to locate some of them given today’s technology.

  2. The Eagles ought to show this video at every Eagles game until they are all caught.jailed,fined and banned from Eagles games and all sporting venues across the country…..for life

  3. Not shoot them, but I would give a couple of those jack wagons a good ol Ass whippin. And your right Tony, doesn’t matter if its a Vette or a Hyundai, its still disrespectful.

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