The NCM’s Motorsports Park Offering Corporate Team Building Program


The NCM's Motorsports Park Offering Corporate Team Building Program

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

Over the years, many of us have taken part in team building exercises on company retreats, not necessarily much fun.

Now comes a corporate training package, however, that is bound to really rev up employee enthusiasm for such programs.

A new program started by the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park – known as Corvettes and Corporate America – will use an all-inclusive racing experience at the Motorsports Park for corporate training through curriculum, effective communication exercises, team building activities, and leading change.

And did we mention Corvettes would be involved?

Taylor Howard, event sales and development coordinator for the Motorsports Park, said they developed the new program after discovering many companies in Bowling Green were sending their executive and leadership teams out of state, and even out of the country in some cases, for corporate training programs.

Why not use the world-class facility right here in their backyard instead, park officials reasoned.

“Not only is it a huge benefit to local companies, there are also endless opportunities for it to attract companies from across the country and even the world,” Howard said. “After all, it is ‘Corvettes and Corporate America,’ and Bowling Green is the one and only home of America’s sports car.”

That’s when the Motorsports Park decided to team up with Dr. Eric Keeling of CI&I Consulting for a training program “that will drive them wild,” Howard said.

Participants will get out from behind a desk and out of the classroom to participate in hands-on activities throughout the Motorsports Park relating to their workplace environment.

The customized training, which can last a few hours to several days, may include blindfold driving, team races on the go-karts, racing head to head in Turbo Camaros, and/or (our favorite) driving new C7s on the track.

Activities assess your group’s roles and emotional intelligence, as well as understanding personality strengths and weaknesses, then putting those results to the test on the Motorsports Park track.

It’s just another way for the NCM and the Motorsports Park to reach folks who might not otherwise ever enjoy the thrill of being around Corvettes, and it’s a program backed enthusiastically by the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“We are thrilled that the Motorsports Park and CI&I are collaborating for such a creative and unique team building experience,” said Vicki Fitch, executive director of the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

She said the bureau will gladly help groups in all of their trip planning needs.

“We think this program will be a great way to help corporations provide leadership training to their teams,” Fitch said, “and the CVB’s staff is available to make sure these groups experience all Bowling Green has to offer.”

Sure beats those ordinary ropes courses, doesn’t it!

To see how your company could benefit from Corvettes and Corporate America, contact Taylor Howard at (270) 777-4554 or [email protected].

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