[VIDEO] The Corvette Experience at the NCM Motorsports Park


[VIDEO] The Corvette Experience at the NCM Motorsports Park

Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

Earlier this year, the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park introduced two new driving programs that would use the five Corvette Z51 Stingrays that call the track home. In addition to the Corvette Touring Laps which offer four laps in a lead-follow format, the Museum offers the Corvette Experience which is for those looking to learn more about the capabilities of their Corvette on the Motorsports Park track.

The Corvette Experience offers features both alternating classroom time where you can learn from instuctors and then press that knowledge into use during three 20-minute track sessions. The Motorsports Park is showing a video promoting the Corvette Experience:

The Corvette Experience is priced at $599 and the Corvette Touring laps are $199. If you want to schedule your Corvette Experience, check the NCM Motorsports Park calendar on the website for upcoming sessions, or call 270-777-4509. The Corvette Experience is also available as a private event and gift cards are available!

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