[STOLEN] Teenage Car Thief Captured After Crashing C7 Corvette While Running from LAPD


[STOLEN] Teenage Car Thief Captured After Crashing C7 Corvette While Running from LAPD

Photo Credit: Daryl Barker

A 17-year-old male is in a heap of trouble after leading Los Angeles Police Department officers on a brief chase in a stolen Torch Red C7 Corvette coupe on Saturday afternoon.

The five-minute pursuit ended peacefully on the Occidental College campus, where the teen tried unsuccessfully to ram the Corvette through a gate – smashing the passenger side of the windshield in the process.

“We tried to stop him at the entrance of Alumni [Avenue] and Campus Road,” Sgt. Robert Alaniz of the LAPD said. “At first he stopped, and looked like he was going to get out, but then he got back in his car and took off and tried to zigzag his way out of the campus and crashed into the post.”

Campus Safety Patrol Sgt. Rodney Smith said he saw the beginning of the incident while he was on a routine patrol and followed the chase at a safe distance in an attempt to make sure Occidental students weren’t involved or hurt in the pursuit.

[STOLEN] LAPD Recovers a Stolen C7 Corvette After Teenage Car Thief Tries to Run

Photo Credit: Daryl Barker

“It looked like the suspect was going to allow the police officers to approach his vehicle, but then he took off onto the campus. LAPD quickly got back into their cars,” Smith said.

The chase began at the front entrance of the college, continuing past Bell Field along Weller Road before turning onto South Bird Road, then AGC Road before the crash at the gate at the intersection of Campus Road and AGC Road.

“The suspect, I guess, thought he could ram through the gate, but wasn’t successful at it,” Smith said.

The teen then got out of the Corvette and ran about 100 yards on Campus Road before being apprehended by LAPD officers, who charged him with driving a stolen vehicle.

The Corvette had been reported stolen to the Beverly Hills Police Department about seven days ago. Tracking devices used by the LAPD to read stolen vehicles’ license plates alerted officers that the Corvette had been stolen, and the chase began.

[STOLEN] Teenage Car Thief Captured After Crashing C7 Corvette While Running from LAPD

Photo Credit: Daryl Barker

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, which involved a total of four LAPD units and a police helicopter.

One question we have: Why wasn’t the Corvette able to be tracked by Onstar as soon as it was stolen? We’re heard of other thefts ending rather quickly with a shutdown of the ignition system by Onstar. We’re surprised it took seven days to locate this one.


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  2. J——really the death penalty he should be punished severely for ruining that beautiful vette but I think at 17 he might learn from this incident

  3. Ok so if he doesn’t learn from his mistakes (which is a very high probability) and he continues fucking up, stealing & destroying property do you still stand by your statement?

  4. Yeah cause auto theft is a small felony thaat does not mandate the death penalty moroon
    I think tyher judge should max out whatever the sentencing acc riding to the mandatory guidelines

  5. Jonboy it’s fucking assholes like you which is the reason these POS continue to commit these crimes. They do a little time then get out and steal again & again & again. If they’re dead then no more crime will be committed! What part of that don’t you fucking understand!

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