[STOLEN] 1977 Corvette and Trailer Stolen in New Jersey Has Been Recovered


[STOLEN] 1977 Corvette and Trailer Stolen in New Jersey Has Been Recovered

Photo Credit: Howell Township Police Department

All’s well that ends well.

A stolen white 1977 Corvette and its trailer have been returned to the owner, thanks to good detective work after a tip received by police.

In late February, Giuseppe Latronico of Toms River, N.J., had reported the theft of his Corvette and a 20-foot enclosed trailer used to store it from the parking lot of a bowling alley on Route 37 in Toms River.

An anonymous tip to police in nearby Howell on May 17 led them the next day to the Bry Avenue home of Thomas McNiece, 41, of Howell, where Detective Sgt. Jack Headley and Detectives Eric Encarnacion and Robert Ortenzi investigated and were able to match the Corvette and trailer to those stolen in Toms River.

McNiece was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of receiving stolen property. He was transported to the Monmouth County Correctional Institute but online inmate records show he has been released awaiting his court date.

Police say in an attempt to hide the trailer, it had been spray-painted black and a fraudulent plaque and VIN had been attached.

Police say no obvious damage was done to the Corvette, however.

Howell Detective Sgt. Christina Antunez said Latronico and his wife were thrilled to get the Corvette back after so much time had passed.


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