[VIDEO] Flooded C5 Corvette is a Victim of Hurricane Matthew


[VIDEO] Flooded C5 Corvette is a Victim of Hurricane Matthew

The destructive power of Hurricane Matthew has been working its way up the East Coast of the United States this weekend and the damage caused by the wind, rain and water is something to behold.

We realize that not everyone has a plan when a storm like Hurricane Matthew this comes along. But in reality, you’ve had plenty of warnings over the last few days that the storm was coming, so why even attempt to drive your C5 Corvette once the weather changes and the water sweeps in, covering the roads? And then the worst is that the car stalls and there is no one around to help save it. You’re now stranded and your beloved C5 Corvette is surely a complete loss.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the only Corvette damaged during Hurricane Matthew. Please stay safe in the meantime!

Andy Fox via WAVY / Twitter

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