Nebraska’s Harchelroad Motors: Fluent in Corvette and Famous for Fun!


Nebraska's Harchelroad Motors: Fluent in Corvette and Famous for Fun!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sid Harchelroad two or three years ago at one of the Bash events and he tells us that he’s been a fan of what we do here at After learning more about his Chevrolet dealership in Imperial, Nebraska, I have found that the admiration is mutual. Please join me in welcoming Harchelroad Motors as a new sponsor!

Just 20 years ago, Harchelroad Motors Corvette allocations could be counted on one hand. But that wasn’t good enough for Sid who considers himself to be a true Corvette enthusiast. Sid decided to turn things up a notch and today they are one of the Top 100 Corvette Dealers with an inventory of 20-30 Corvettes normally in stock.

Harchelroad Motors expanded their sales through a combination of training their sales staff to be fluent in Corvettes while at the same time making sure that customers have the best experience possible. The dealership’s tagline is Famous for Fun and the goal is to provide a fun experience for Corvette buyers who come to Harchelroad from all over the high plains of Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming.

Nebraska's Harchelroad Motors: Fluent in Corvette and Famous for Fun!

Dillion Harchelroad with a new Callaway SC757 owner. Check out his awesome trade-in!

The family-owned dealership has been selling Chevrolets and Buicks for over 80 years and today Dillon Harchelroad has become the 4th generation of Harcelroads to work in the business. In addition to its Corvette sales, Harchelroad’s Performance Center is an authorized Callaway dealer and they feature new and used Callaway Corvettes and sport trucks. The dealership can also provide restoration and mechanical services for any year Corvette and they also feature an in-ground dyno for testing performance upgrades.

Any dealership can say they offer a fun experience, but Harchelroad goes the extra mile to make that claim a reality. Sid will tell you he offers the best Corvette (and Camaro) test drives ever along with the disclaimer that he does not pay for any speeding tickets incurred along the way! The dealership also sponsors a number of cruise-ins and driving events and they even sponsor the Sandhills Open Road Challenge by offering their Corvette technicians to help out during the two-day event.

Nebraska's Harchelroad Motors: Fluent in Corvette and Famous for Fun!

Walking the Walk: Sid Harchelroad’s FAST 2006 Silver “79” Corvette Z06 which he races yearly at various events!

We’ve met a lot of dealers during our stint here and it’s always fun talking with the true-believers of the Corvette experience. Harchelroad’s winning formula of knowledgeable representatives who provide a fun experience shows that you don’t have to be a big city dealer to be successful. Just ask their customers!

To learn more about Harchelroad Motors, you can visit their website and view their inventory at or call 844-675-9564 and talk to Dillion or Sid about your next Corvette. For even more of the Harchelroad Motors’ experience, check out this thread on the Corvette Forum.

Nebraska's Harchelroad Motors: Fluent in Corvette and Famous for Fun!

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  1. I had an opportunity to meet Sid recently at a St Jude Charity fund raiser. Very nice fellow with whom I hope to spend more time in the coming year. His partnership with Mid America Motorworks and bringing Corvette Funfest to Nebraska in 2018 will be in my opinion “The Start Of Something Big…”

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