Black Rose Metallic Production Numbers Finalized for 2018 Corvettes


Black Rose Metallic Production Numbers Finalized for 2018 Corvettes

When the Bowling Green Assembly Plant closed at the end of July, it officially marked the end of Black Rose Metallic as an exterior color for the 2018 model year Corvette. The color was a throwback to the exterior of the same name that was offered from 1992-1994 C4 Corvettes.

Black Rose Metallic returned in 2017 for the C7 Corvette and it was very well received by Corvette enthusiasts looking to break away from the traditional Black/Red/White exteriors.

Now that production has ended, we reached out to our friends on the Corvette Team who offered up these final production statistics for the color.

For 2018, a total of 219 Corvettes were painted Black Rose Metallic and they break down to a total of 165 Coupes and 54 Convertibles. As of the close of the Corvette Assembly Plant in July, a total of 6,469 Corvettes were built for 2018 and Black Rose represents 3.38% of that production. That percentage will drop once 2018 Corvette production resumes in November.

Here’s Black Rose Metallic’s production statistics for 2017-2018 Corvettes:

Year Stingray Grand Sport Z06 Total
2017 544 465 324 1,333
2018 92 78 49 219
Totals 636 543 373 1,552

In place of Black Rose Metallic, Chevrolet will be offering a new color called Sebring Orange which made its debut at Corvettes at Carlisle. The color will be offered beginning in December.

2018 Corvette in Black Rose Metallic

2018 Corvette in Black Rose Metallic

2018 Corvette in Black Rose Metallic

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  1. There are hideous colors out there and like it or not…. hideous? May not be everyone’s favorite color. But you have to be the only one who thinks its hideous!!!

  2. I am proud to say I have 1 of 78 2018 Grand Sports in Black Rose Metallic. Everyone that sees it loves the color—on guy even asked if I had it custom painted—he had never seen the color before and thought it was awesome. I prefer to have something that everyone else doesn’t have—something unique—everyone has their own opinion — respect that — but I agree, it isn’t hideous.

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