Black Rose Metallic Will Be Retired Before Summer Factory Shutdown


Black Rose Metallic Will Be Retired Before Summer Factory Shutdown

Say goodbye to Black Rose Metallic!

The nostalgic purple color of the 1990s that was brought back for 2017 and the first part of 2018 Corvette production will be retired on July 24th according to to our friend Rick “Corvette” Conti.

The move takes a color with that accounts for just 4% of production off the table and will be one less color that will be moved from the old paint shop to the new one moving forward for 2018.

The planned build out of Black Rose Metallic comes the week before the Bowling Green Assembly Plant shuts down for three months for upgrades. When 2018 Corvette production resumes on November 1st, we are not expecting this color to be replaced.

As of April 4th, production of Black Rose Metallic was limited to 528 Stingrays, 284 Grand Sports and 313 Corvette Z06s for 1,125 total.

2018 Corvette in Black Rose Metallic

2018 Corvette in Black Rose Metallic

2018 Corvette in Black Rose Metallic

Rick “Corvette” Conti

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  1. Torch Red has been a production color for years. About time for GM to offer a “real” red color. Torch Red tends towards orange in the sun light. Long Beach Red is maroon. Anybody agree or is it just me?

  2. John, I agree that they clearly need to revisit the color palette. I knew black rose metallic wouldn’t fly, and yes….a new carefully selected red would be great. Wake up boys !

  3. I agree too, but as they say different strokes for different folks. Torch red does have tints of orange depending on different lighting and Long Beach red the same but every Corvette color looks good in different times of the day or night.
    Rose metallic is outstanding in night lights.

  4. Almost 80 percent of all corvettes are white, red, black or gray. I am in favor of a palette of colors that are unique to corvette. I do not want to see myself coming and going on the highway all the time. I have a 2009 atomic orange Z-51 and a 2017 black rose GS.

  5. @ John – I like the torch red color and it looks good to me, but — I’m sort of color blind but I like what I see. For what ever that’s worth. I just don’t care for those “off the wall” colors.

  6. The one weak area of late has been color choices for the Corvette. The Corvette team needs better more unique colors. The quality of the paint jobs has improved quite a bit, but the colors and selections are still lacking. Hopefully the new paint shop will improve this issue in the future.

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