New Sebring Orange for 2018 Corvettes Announced at Carlisle


New Sebring Orange for 2018 Corvettes Announced at Carlisle

During Friday’s Presentation of the 2018 Corvette in front of the Grandstands at Corvettes at Carlisle, the Corvette Team’s Harlan Charles and Phil Minch introduced a new Corvette color that will replace the now retired Black Rose Metallic.

The new color is called Sebring Orange and it will be available on 2018 Corvettes once the assembly plant resumes production. There was not word if it would be available immediately once the plant reopens or later in the spring.

The color itself resembles the previous Inferno Orange which was offered on 2011-2013 Corvettes. Here is how that color did previously:

  • 2011: 790 Total – 5.8% Production
  • 2012: 471 Total – 4.0% Production
  • 2013: 156 Total – 1.2% Production (early retirement)

Orange is very much niche color but it does have its supporters. The color should present well on the C7 Corvettes.

New Sebring Orange for 2018 Corvettes Announced at Carlisle

For the record, the color was presented on a contoured shape vaguely resembling the shape of a car to show off the color and should no way be construed as being a mid-engine Corvette.

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  1. You say that there is no way to construe the body shape as mid engine. This brings a question. With the front engine tooling being torn out at the plant, how are they to build front engine Corvettes? Buy frames from elsewhere? I can’t see that happening.

  2. I own a 2015 Z06 Convertible with 11k miles. I was recently contacted regarding a class action lawsuit for the 2015, 2016 Z06 due to overheating issues. My warranty will expire May of 2018 and I am wondering if I should purchase the 5 year extended warranty or wait and see what happens with the law suit. I appreciate your feedback and will certainly not hold you responsible for your suggestion(s). Thank you, Gerald Loper

  3. The frame shop is still there and they will still be building the front engine Corvette frames when the plant resumes production in November. The renovations to the assembly line are happening around it. We asked that question to one of the engineers from the plant at Carlisle.

  4. To me, I am guessing that this new Orange will more popular than the previous Oranges . Looks a lot closer to the Camaro Hugger Orange of the late 60’s.

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