[VIDEO] Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter Uncovers a 1954 Corvette


[VIDEO] Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter Uncovers a 1954 Corvette

Tom Cotter says he’s been hunting down old cars since he was 12.

On Episode 18 of The Barn Find Hunter on YouTube, he proves he’s still up to his old tricks.

And the result is heavenly for car enthusiasts over the age of 50 as Cotter visits a place in my stomping ground of North Georgia where old muscle cars like Chevelles, El Caminos, and Impalas go to rest temporarily – oh, and Corvettes, too.

In fact, at one point Cotter and his host come across a car covered by brown plastic, and Kotter is challenged to see if he can identify it while still in camouflage. By feeling around on the front end, he’s able to tell it’s a C1 Corvette.

[VIDEO] Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter Uncovers a 1954 Corvette

After pulling the cover back, his conclusion is confirmed, and the two men find the numbers-matching Blue Flame Six engine still in place, along with the three carburetors.

While the car looks rough, with the hood and windshield missing, Cotter points out that it would be very easy to bring the car from its current “fair” condition to “good” condition.

That would be a wise move since Cotter points out that Hagerty prices the ’54 out at a whopping $138,000 when in concours condition, $93,200 for excellent condition, $67,000 for good, and $44,700 for fair.

[VIDEO] Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter Uncovers a 1954 Corvette

“Right now the way you see it, it’s probably in fair condition,” Cotter says, “but the fact that the hood that’s missing is right there (pointing behind him), the windshield is in the building, he’s got all the hub caps for it, and it ran when it was parked here, I would say that you could bring this from fair condition to good condition in a week of cleaning, going through the hydraulics, get it running well, and bolt on the pieces that are missing.”

Cotter says “this is probably a good condition car that’s just not quite there yet but a little bit of elbow grease would do it” pretty fast.

While many of the old cars are priced out by the owner, unfortunately the video doesn’t reveal his asking price for the ’54 Corvette. What would you be willing to pay?


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