[ACCIDENT] DUI Corvette Driver Saved from Certain Death by Good Samaritan


[ACCIDENT] DUI Corvette Driver Saved from Certain Death by Good Samaritan

Photo Credit: parkerliveonline.com

A guardian angel saved a Corvette driver’s life after her car ended up in flames on the shore of the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona last Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the Corvette, identified as Cathy McClellan, 60, of Parker lost control of her blue Corvette on the winding river road known as Business-95. The car wound up on an incline against a retaining wall, and a man who was passing by in his truck stopped and came to her rescue, pulling her out of a window as fire was spreading underneath the car.

“This woman is lucky to be alive,” Jamie Enriquez posted on the Parker Live website. “I drove up to this right after it happened and the man literally saved her life by pulling her out the window! It was a very scary experience. We threw our life jackets to them so they could jump in the river and we pulled them to a nearby boat. Thank god everyone came out safe and not hurt!!”

Shortly after both people were clear of the scene, the surrounding palm trees and riverside brush also erupted into flames, leaving the Corvette a total loss.

The Good Samaritan suffered minor injuries during the rescue, but McClellan was not hurt, though she was arrested by La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and charged with Extreme DUI (Driving Under the Influence), indicating a blood alcohol level of over .20, well over double the legal limit. She was booked into the La Paz County Jail.

Among the agencies to respond to the unusual accident scene were the Buckskin Fire Department, Parker Fire, CRIT Fire, Sheriff’s Department, Parker Police, CRIT Police and River Medical.

Parker Live reports that dozens of passersby in boats and on personal watercraft floated nearby to watch as the fire was extinguished. Everybody’s number one question was the same: did the driver escape?

Fortunately, the answer was yes, but her Corvette was not as lucky.

[ACCIDENT] DUI Corvette Driver Saved from Certain Death by Good Samaritan


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