[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Bursts Into Flames After Collision with Telephone Pole


[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Bursts Into Flames After Collision with Telephone Pole

Flames on the front end of a 1970s Corvette were in style back when this car was first made.

But we don’t think the current driver had this kind of flames in mind for his car.

Photos on the Asheville Citizen-Times website show the front end of a mid-1970s Corvette in flames Monday afternoon in Asheville, N.C., after the driver ran into a utility pole on Patton Avenue.

Flames rose about 10 feet above the Corvette before firefighters put out the blaze.

“It was a single driver who hit a telephone pole,” said Kelley Klope, spokeswoman for the Asheville Fire Department. “We have no idea why it would catch fire, but it did. The driver was out of the vehicle when we got there.”

One witness thinks the driver was under age 20, but authorities could provide no details other than the fact that he got out of the Corvette and then was taken to the hospital for medical treatment by EMS.

The accident happened at 3:09 p.m. on Patton Avenue near Piney Road, in front of the Goodwill building, and disrupted traffic for an hour-plus.


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