[RIDES] Rick’s 2015 Corvette Z06


[RIDES] Rick's 2015 Corvette Z06

Old meets new in this photo of Rick’s 2015 Corvette Z06 in front of a historic brick house built back in the mid-1880s in Frankfort, Indiana.

Rick’s Corvette Racing Yellow Z06 Convertible is nicely upgraded with a Halltech carbon fiber induction system and an Akrapovic exhaust system with Corsa X-pipe. Those upgrades elevated the Z06’s performance to 631 rear wheel horsepower.

Click here to see a larger photo of Rick’s Corvette Z06 Convertible.

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  1. Yes, but this figure is probably from a “real world” dump pull. I believe that manufacturers rate SAE horsepower, based on test stand figures, with useable Street HP being considerably less! A Z51 C7 [email protected] by GM might only produce 350 on the street.

  2. 650 horsepower is at the engine. Rear wheel horsepower is measured by the dyno and you can generally count on a 15% loss of horsepower from the engine to the rear wheels. When first Z06 came out, a bunch hit the dyno to see these numbers. The link below shows one test where a bone stock Z06 measured 585 RWHP.


    So Rick’s upgrades netted him somewhere around 46 rwhp if his car’s base dyno was similar.

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