[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Teases the New Graphics on the Corvette C7.R for 2017


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing Teases the New Graphics on the Corvette C7.R for 2017

“Made in America!”

That’s the theme of the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R as it readies for the 2017 racing season.

Pratt & Miller released a quick teaser video yesterday showing the graphics being applied to the front quarter panel of the Yellow and Black Corvette race car.

The graphic follows the theme first started in 2016 featuring the “Made in America” slogan. Last year’s graphics also featured the state outlines of Michigan and Kentucky, symbolizing the Corvette’s dual state heritage of being “designed in Detroit, built in Bowling Green”.

Long time fans remember the anticipation at the start of each year as to how the Corvette C5-R and then the C6.R’s livery would look for the season. Over the years, some really bad-ass liveries were designed for the Corvettes including the fan favorite design of 2007 featuring the Yellow and Black reversed Jakes for Monterey.

But a few years back, Chevrolet corporate stepped in to “help” the process and the livery designs were toned down to the point where today, the only major changes year to year other than sponsors are the front quarter panels.

In the end, it’s all okay. Let’s hope the only part of the C7.R that our GTLM competitiors are focused on is the tail lights.

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Pratt & Miller / YouTube

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